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IRS provides guidance to 403(b) plan sponsors who can’t locate participants required to receive distributions (but be mindful of DOL rules too)

The IRS’s Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division recently issued a memorandum (the memo) to its auditors that directed them not to challenge a 403(b) plan as failing to satisfy the required minimum distribution (RMD) standards under circumstances set out in the memo. This guidance is helpful to 403(b) plan sponsors and consistent with missing … Continue Reading

Are Annual 403(b) Universal Availability Notices Required?

Employers with 403(b) arrangements have asked whether they are required to provide annual "university availability" notices. The statute and regulations do not explicitly require this. Code Section 403(b) contains a universal availability requirement, whereby participation is made available to all nonexcludable employees. This includes providing all eligible employees with an effective opportunity to participate.… Continue Reading

403(b) Plan Termination Roadmap

Section 403(b) plans were historically important for tax-exempt employers, but under current tax laws, maintaining a 403(b) plan may no longer be viable or advisable for an employer. An employer that wants to pull out the 403(b) plan termination roadmap first needs to ask a basic question: can I get the engine started (will the … Continue Reading