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IRS issues proposed Code Section 409A regulations clarifying many nonqualified deferred compensation plan issues

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently published proposed regulations under Internal Revenue Code Section 409A. The proposed regulations clarify 19 policy items addressed in the final regulations published in 2007 and also in proposed income inclusion regulations published in 2008. These clarifications generally are not surprising, and we do not expect that employers will need to take any immediate action in response to these proposed regulations. This blog will highlight some of the clarifications that we believe employers may find particularly interesting. In a future blog, we will describe a related set of proposed regulations that the IRS also published …

“Substantial risk of forfeiture” clarification impacts tax-exempt and governmental employer non-compete arrangements

One of the more interesting (or frustrating, depending on your point of view) things about language is how sometimes, the same word can have multiple meanings. As Michael Jackson once showed us, “Bad” can sometimes mean bad, and sometimes it can mean good. In the executive compensation world, “substantial risk of forfeiture” is a term that can have different meanings, depending on whether Code Section 83, 409A, or 457(f) is defining it. Understanding this concept is important because regardless of the Code Section, the compensation at issue generally does not become taxable to the employee until the substantial risk of …

Tax-Exempt Organizations: understanding the proposed Tax Reform Act of 2014’s penalties on excessive executive compensation

Recently, we published an article in Bloomberg BNA’s Pension & Benefits DailyTM that provides context for understanding the proposed Tax Reform Act of 2014’s penalties on excessive executive compensation for tax-exempt organizations and offers our thoughts about planning opportunities for the future. This is available for our readers at this link.…