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U.S. Airways, Inc. v. McCutchen: If you were the victim of a car accident, would you agree to a settlement that required you to pay?

We are anticipating the upcoming oral arguments (November 27) and decision in U.S. Airways, Inc. v. McCutchen, a case at the United States Supreme Court. This case involves a situation where the employer-sponsored plan fronted the payment of health care costs a participant incurred in an automobile accident, on the condition that the participant repay … Continue Reading

Promising Health Care Plan Benefits in Excess of Plan Terms Can be More Costly Than Anticipated

We occasionally hear that an employer wants to promise greater health care coverage than is provided under the plan terms, either in a sympathetic scenario, or to facilitate a separation. Unfortunately, this “generosity” can leave the employer obligated to provide costly benefits, without insurance coverage.  Treating a Qualified Beneficiary on Short-term Disability as Continuing to … Continue Reading