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Establishing that a pension plan creep benefit claim is preempted by ERISA took 19 years in state court – don’t let this happen to you

ERISA preemption of state law is complicated, and it gets even murkier in state court. We advise our clients and our litigation partners to immediately refer anything that smells like an ERISA action to our ERISA team, so that the matter can be timely removed to federal court. State courts do not routinely handle ERISA matters, and this litigation tends to not go very well there. Barnett v. SKF USA, Inc. demonstrates what can happen.… Continue Reading

Another Pension Plan Bites The Dust

On Monday, August 8, 2011, United States Bankruptcy Court Judge Mary Walrath ruled that Harry & David Holdings Inc. the Oregon-based gourmet food and gift company, can terminate its pension plan as part of a pre-arranged bankruptcy plan and emerge from bankruptcy free of its accumulated pension liability. The company convinced the court that it … Continue Reading